How to Donate Food

If you wish to donate food to the Food Bank please take donations of non-perishable food to Church House, Calne on a Tuesday or Friday between 12noon and 4pm and Wednesday between 10am and 1pm.

Items for Donation

  • Breakfast cereals/other breakfast items

  • 500g bags of sugar

  • UHT Milk

  • Fruit juice cartons

  • Tins of fruit

  • Tins of vegetables

  • Tins of potatoes

  • Tins of meat

  • Tins of soup

  • Tins of custard

  • Tins of puddings

  • Pasta

  • Rice

  • Jars of sauces

Food is Sorted and Stored

Volunteers sort all food to check that it's in date and pack into bags ready to give to people in need.


Church House

30 Church Street



SN11 0HU



Tuesday 12pm - 4pm

Wednesday 10am - 1pm

Friday 12pm - 4pm



07752 213029


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